Skyway Interactive
Based in California

Founding date:
July 1, 2015


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]




A world full of deadly radiation storms, black holes, hurling objects, corrosive geysers and unexpected events and conditions that can kill you. Equipped with only a basic space-suit at start, you’ll have to be resourceful to keep alive. Scavenge wreckage, repair machines and bring them to use. Explore different areas and make yourself a safe haven in the harshest of all conditions - the vacuum of space.


Zero Dark Gravity is a survival game in alpha development with plans to release on Steam for PC, created by Bryan Meadows and Deana Kitterman of Skyway Interactive.

Inspired by games like Stalker, DayZ, and Rust with added contemplative survival aspects like The Martian and Gravity movies. It is a single player game for Windows PC where you attempt to survive through your wits in a harsh zero-gravity environment.

Current State: Pre-Alpha – Full time Development (Closed Access)

EXPLORE – Massive game area peppered with mini blackholes that can warp you to other locations, littered with homes, cities, space debris and coupled with the freedom to go any way you want.

ZERO GRAVITY - Get yourself into orbit around a small asteroid (orbital mechanics) with the help of your jetpack. Or maybe, explore it up close and walk around it! - thanks to your magnetic boots that stick to almost anything!

SURVIVE - Expect an up close and personal encouter with the harsh elements of space. Extreme temperatures, micro-meteorites, corrosive and deadly radioactive areas.

REPAIR - Craft and repair your tools to be able to access old buildings, houses, cars, and space debris and get thier loot.

UPGRADE - Upgrade your space suit to better deal with the conditions by adding technology, modifications and high-tech materials

SCAVENGE - Find and collect valuable resources, tools, weapons, and equipment hidden amongst the debris field to help you along the way...


There are currently no trailers available for Zero Dark Gravity. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



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